Managing Your Own Router

It is very common for people to purchase their own router and save some cash on their monthly expenses.
When you do this, you take on the responsibility of managing that router and the network that it provides.

If this is you and you are in need of assistance with your router,
here are the common support portals for the common brands we see.

NetGear / Orbi-
Support Website:
Customer service: 1 (888) 638-4327

Support Website:
Customer Service: 1-800-326-7114

TP-Link / Belkin-
Support Website:
Customer Service: 1-866-225-8139

Support Website:
Customer Service: 1-800-553-2447

Support website:
Customer Service: 1-877-659-2347

Google Nest-
Support website-
Customer Service- 1-888-525-3050

Support Website-
Customer Service- 1-888-678-3688

Support website-
Phone- 1-646-780-7958