About Us

At Western Broadband, we believe in providing a superior product at a fair price. We attempt to provide high quality wireless broadband internet service at your home or business. We don’t have an unfair monthly maximum download cap, or major restrictions on internet use. We don’t limit how many computers can be on your connection, asking only that you use a router at your site if you are using more than one. We provide quality, local customer support, based here in Georgetown. We are a local company, providing local service, mixing hometown friendliness with technical expertise.
Western Broadband’s parent company, ECPI, is also based in Georgetown, and run from the same office. ECPI has been providing internet access to Central Texas since 1996. In 2001, we decided that people needed more bandwidth, even if they did not live in the city, and Western Broadband was born. Since 2001, Western Broadband has been providing wireless broadband connections to hard working rural and small-town folk.
By constantly upgrading and improving our infrastructure, and streamlining procedures and protocols, we are constantly providing our customers with ever-improving service. In addition to increasing the reliability and stability of our existing network, we are always reaching out, trying to bring our quality service to more people. Just because we were unable to service you a few months ago does not mean that we haven’t recently expanded near you. Feel free to send us an Online Information Request to find out if we can serve you. If we can’t provide you service, though, it’s still important to us to know where people would like us to expand next. It’s from your calls and requests that we know where the need is greatest, so that we can expand and excel in your area.
We have also found that people like knowing that someone close by is listening. For this reason, we use local staff, based here in Austin, so that we can relate to what matters most. By staying close to the equipment, we can minimize downtime, and maximize customer response. Remember that you, as a customer, are our most valuable asset. We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to give us a call, at 512-257-1077.