Managed WiFi Support

Managed Residential WiFi

In order to have us remotely log in and troubleshoot your WIFI, give us a call at 512-257-1077 and we will be more than happy to get working on your connection issues.

If you wanted to check some things out on your side before you call, here is a list of common things to check that will help pinpoint where the trouble is actually happening.

  • Is the power supply powered on and showing a green light?
    Troubleshooting in order is important. If all of the devices on your network are not getting access to the internet, the first thing to check would be the power supply for the radio. If it shows a green light, the next thing to check is the router.
  • Is the Router powered on and connected?
    Is it powered on and showing that it is connected to the modem? Check to be sure all cables are firmly in place and link lights are showing on the appropriate ports. This goes for WIFI as well as ethernet connections.
  • Is the device connecting to the proper router?
    Sometimes you may have a neighbor with an open WIFI router that your device may auto connect to.
    Sometimes its even a mobile phone with their internet access being shared (personal hotspot)
    If your device is connecting to that, that would prevent it from properly connecting to your WIFI router.
    Check your WIFI settings to be sure that you are in fact connecting to the proper router as opposed to a personal hotspot or an insecure connection from a nearby neighbor.
  • Are you having troubles with everything on the internet?
    Sometimes, you may have troubles connecting to a certain site, yet other addresses like or might still work. In that case, the trouble is more than likely related to the site you are trying to visit rather than your internet connection.
  • Are the other devices on your network getting access?
    Sometimes the device itself is the issue. If other devices such as computers or streaming devices (such as Roku or Apple tv) are still working, then your network is up and there is something else interfering with the device in question.