Junk Mail

The Barracuda system uses its own, independent passwords,
but if you missed the message it sent you when it created your account, simply go to the login page and follow the instructions to have The Barracuda system generate you a brand-new password.
If you use Outlook, we recommend you install the add-in. This will let you flag messages which have already been delivered as “Spam” or “Not Spam”.

Look for the link on the bottom of the Barracuda login page, labeled “Download Outlook Add-In Installer”.

This (as implied) downloads a special add-in into your Outlook program.
Once you’ve installed it, you’ll get an extra control within Outlook.
As always, use this power wisely:
try to use the spam button only on genuine spam,
since flagging a valid message may cause future messages
from that sender or with that subject to be quarantined.

A Word about Whitelists:
The Barracuda system has the capability of allowing you to control how it decides to quarantine messages by using blacklists and whitelists. The blacklist tells Barracuda, “always block this sender”, and the whitelist tells it, “always deliver messages from this sender”. There are links in the quarantine that display how to do this, but I urge you to click on the preferences tab from time to time to examine the lists.

The reason for this is that many servers which send out bulk e-mails use virtual e-mail addresses, like “bounce-35_HTML-2694809-798-6167206-4089@bounce.email.newegg.com”, for instance. This is useful in controlling spam behind-the-scenes, but it breaks the functionality of the whitelist link on the quarantine page, because only that specific e-mail address is added to the whitelist, but they will never send another message to you using that address! The way to get around this problem is to manually add the domain you wish to whitelist – in this case, it could either be “bounce.email.newegg.com”, or just “newegg.com”. This ensures that, no matter how strange the e-mail address is, messages from that sender will always be delivered without going through the Barracuda’s filter.