The Winter Wipeout – Updates

The paralyzing winter storm, with its associated power outages, is still affecting several of our tower sites, although most are back up at this time.

As of 9:00 am on Friday, February 19, we have only one remaining tower without power, but Oncor does not have a specific ETA for repair completion.

  • Holland

At this time, if your connection is not working, please try to verify everything is interconnected in exactly the way it was before the storms, power off all your equipment, restore power to it and wait about 10 minutes. If you are still unable to connect to the internet, please call us so we can troubleshoot with you.

Because of the way our coverage area works, you may be pointed to a tower which is currently down, while your literal next-door neighbor could be pointed to a completely different tower which is currently in service. Unfortunately, we are still not able to exercise any control over this, and it’s still not completely over yet.

We have been unable to get any updates on when these sites will have power restored – neither Oncor nor PEC are providing any predicted restoration times. ERCOT is now telling local power companies they can begin to restore the sections of the grid which were shutdown because of the shortfall, but of course, there are areas which have lost power because of weather-related damage which will need to be repaired, and the extent and scale of those issues is exactly the sort of information we have no visibility to.

For our part, we have been responding to emails and dealing with equipment issues as necessary during this whole event, and we are now answering incoming phone calls again.