PM WiFi E-mail changes

When we purchased PM WiFi’s Central Texas operations in 2008, we kept the previous owner’s setup for all the PM WiFi e-mail accounts, which was managed and hosted by GoDaddy. Recently, we had gotten a number of frustrated customers calling us with problems accessing the GoDaddy servers, mostly for sending mail, but some had issues with logging into their incoming server, as well. At this time, it made sense to migrate the entire domain onto our own servers, which allows us to more effectively manage all the settings with a flexibility we had previously lacked.

We made the change on May 8th, and here’s what you need to know:

  1. The old server, at, is still going to have the accounts up for a few more weeks. We will probably shut it down on June 1st, so you will need to archive any messages stored there you want to keep, and any address book info that isn’t otherwise available.
  2. Because I did not want any mail to be undeliverable during the transition, I created a matching account on the new server for each one on the old server, but I did have to generate the passwords on the new server independently. If you did respond to the e-mails I sent about this topic, then you’ll have a valid password and you should have no problem accessing the new server. If you have not supplied me with a password you want to use for the new server, you will almost certainly not be able to access your new inbox until this is cleared up
  3. The new server can be accessed at either or – the username is the full email address, including the part, and the password is the new password. You will probably need to change the outgoing port in your mail client to 587 as well, since the other two of the old server’s alternate port numbers (80 and 3535) are not supported, nor is port 465 (with SSL)
  4. The webmail page may be accessed with either of those URLs or you can select “Webmail” under “My Account” on the Western Broadband main website.

Please contact us, either by phone at (512)257-1077 or email us at if you have any questions about these changes or require assistance getting your e-mail to work.


One other thing – after the switchover, a few of the PM WiFi accounts received “Welcome” messages from Postini, a spam-blocking service from Google. These are valid messages, not a phishing scheme, but there is a problem with logging into the Postini system using the e-mail accounts, so I have removed those accounts from Postini and disabled all filtering.  If you got one of those messages, just delete and disregard it.


Update! We managed to change the login system on the Postini spam-blocking service from POP (which was broken) to privately managed passwords.

What this means is we can now add your e-mail accounts to the service, and set them up with a dummy password. When you login, you will be prompted to change your password, and you can set that one to anything you like, since it is no longer tied to the e-mail account password.

If you’d like to get added to this service, just let us know! The downside is that it will be ending in a few months, and we’ll have to move to a different solution.